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Factory Outlet OPEN Mon thru Sat 9 - 5
401 E Front St, Freeburg PA 17827
DIRECTIONS / MAP 570-374-8091
GPS: 40 45' 50.55" N 76 56' 6.43" W

Brochure Request Options

There are three easy ways to receive a full-color brochure along with a $10.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE good toward any Colonial Furniture purchase.

1. Send $5.00 US (cost of brochure plus S&H) along with your name and address to:

The Colonial Furniture Company  
401 E Front Street,
Freeburg, PA 17827

2. Submit your brochure request by entering your credit card information (for the $5 fee) and filling out the form below.

3. Call the factory to place your brochure request by phone.
Our number is 570-374-8091. After hours, fax your info to 374-1262.

Either way, your $10.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE will be good towards any purchase of Colonial Furniture, either from us or through your local dealer.

(One gift certificate per household.)

Brochure Request Online Form
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